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Friday, December 13, 2019
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    Top 8 Ways To Become A Responsible Traveller

    It is important to know the difference between travelling and responsible travelling

    With travel becoming mainstream and tourism on the rise, the importance of sustainable travelling has been felt in order to reduce the negative impact on the planet. Now, who is a sustainable traveller? It is important to know the difference between a traveller and a responsible traveller.  Responsible tourism means respecting and contributing to the people, culture, economy, and environment of a local community.

    By now you might have known that travelling is not about where we travel and how much we spend during the travel, it is about leaving a positive impression of yours wherever you travel. Here’s a list of travel habits you can imbibe to fall into the category of sustainable traveller.

    1. Carry reusable bags

    Shopping is something we never miss out on during our holiday trips. We all know that plastic is choking our planet. So every time a vendor offers you a plastic bag refuse it. Instead, carry a reusable cloth bag.

    2. Embrace the locals

    When it comes to eating, lodging or shopping, always make it a point to help the local instead of injecting into the pockets of foreign shareholders and investors. Wisely choosing where you spend your money can have a massive impact on the community. Have dinner at the local eateries that offer local food, opt for a family-run guest house or buy the souvenirs from street vendors.

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    3. Reusable bottles

    Instead of purchasing a packaged water bottles at every stop, carry a reusable bottle. Refill it at your hotel, at restaurants, or wherever you can find filtered water. This will help you save a lot of money and the planet too.

    4. Take Public transport

    Walking is a great option if you’re putting up at a centre near all the attractions, but when you go further afield try to take public transport. Local transport is more fuel-efficient and cost-effective. You get to explore and experience a place a bit extra when you follow the local people.

    5. Engage with people

    Choose experiences such as cooking, trekking and jamming with local people wherever you go. This will give you new insights into lifestyle to takeaway.

    6. Keep a track of your rubbish

    The most important trait of a responsible traveller is being cautious of your waste. Dispose of your waste in bins and also carry an extra bag to accumulate your trash when you cannot reach out to bins instantly.

    7. Try not to bargain

    Saving is crucial but try not to strike a bargain every time you shop. It may save you some pennies but it’s not very advantageous to the local community.

    8. Ask before the click

    Everybody likes holding their experiences while travelling in a frame. But it is not a good manner to capture without seeking prior permission. Most of religious places and monuments have restrictions on photography, show respect to the rules and adhere to them.

    Photo credit: Pinterest


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