27-Year-Old Naga Woman Allegedly Raped by Employer in Bengaluru

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Guwahati/Bengaluru: A woman hailing from Nagaland was allegedly raped by a Bengaluru based businessman in his house after he offered her a job of domestic help.

The victim, 27-year-old Naga woman was working in a beauty parlour since 2015 where she reportedly came in contact with the accused, Wahengbam Lalit Singh who is a resident of HSR Layout. As the beauty parlour was run by his wife, after coming in contact with the woman, Singh forced her to quit the job in the parlour and made her work as a domestic help at his house.

Singh after that started to misbehave with her and also assaulted her sexually many times since then.

According to police, she even complained about the issue to the Singh’s wife but she ignored her and the allegations. After the victim could not take the torture by the businessman, she managed to escape from his house to one of her relative’s house where she explained the whole incident. She then headed back to Nagaland and filed a complaint to a women’s rights organisation. The case has been forwarded to the Viveknagar Police station and now the police are investigating the complete case.

It has also been alleged that the businessmen and his wife did not even pay her dues for about 6 months.

However, the police stated that since the incidents happened very long back, the victim has to provide some evidence that can give prove the allegations made by her on Lalith.