270 Drunk Driving Cases registered in Ghy on Holi

Guwahati, March 4: The Guwahati Traffic department has done a job that deserves a pat on the back as it relentlessly sweated day in and out during Holi to keep the streets safe from drunk drivers.
Deputy Commissioner of Police, Traffic, Amanjeet Kaur acknowledged the department’s hard work while saying, “To make Holi safe and joyous, officers of Guwahati Traffic Police worked relentlessly and enforced law against drunk driving.”
According to reports, the Guwahati Traffic Police registered 270 cases of drunk driving during Holi.
The report further informed that 1083 fine cases of other traffic-related violations were taken up on the spot and 470 cases of Challans were sent to court for prosecuting the offenders in various traffic-related offences.
During Holi, the Traffic department has reportedly collected Rs 2,11,200 as fine for various traffic-related violations.