3 Rhinos gunned down in Kaziranga within 48 hours

By Prasenjit Deb

Guwahati, November 5: The hunt for rhinos is on. Altogether, three rhinos were killed in the last 48 hours at Kaziranga National Park(KNP).

The incident is reported at Tunikati forest camp of Bhrapahar range.

At around 11 pm on Saturday a mother and a calf rhino were killed and stolen its horn. Similar incident was reported on November 3 from the same spot where a rhino was gunned down and the horn was taken away.

On contacting KNP, Director, Satyendra Singh, informed TIME8, that as the KNP is open from all sides and that there is no such proper fencing in the forest camps and forest ranges as per wild life rules, this has made easy for the poachers to hunt rhinos.

Speaking to exclusively to TIME8, Forest Minister, Pramila Rani Brahma, said that by November they are going to provide all the necessary arms to all the forest officials.

“By mid-November, we are going to provide all kind of arms to the forest officials. We have ordered for Insas, SLR rifles, Short assault rifles. Every necessary step will be implemented and the process is on”, the Minister added.