Exclusive | 4 Villages in Upper Assam don’t burn Meji or make Bhela Ghar

Moran, January 12: At a time when there is craze among the people in the State for the upcoming Bhogali Bihu celebrations, an interesting story has surfaced from Upper Assam. There are reports that four villages in Moran haven’t celebrated Bhogali Bihu for decades now.

The villages have been identified as Puroni Bhorali gaon, Na-Bhorali Sonowal gaon, Meslou 1 No Tinthengiya and 2 No Tinthengiya villages which fall under the Tingkhong constituency. The people of these villages believe that celebration of Bhogali Bihu by burning Bhela Ghar and Meji in an open field brings misery and pain to the people.
However, these people do normally celebrate Bhogali Bihu by paying their tribute to the fire god and offer their regards to the elders and have Jalpaan together during Bihu.

Speaking to TIME8, locals said, “We have not celebrated Bhogali Bihu in an open field for many decades now. There are sayings from our ancestors that burning Meji and Bhela ghor brings misery and there are reports that earlier one person had faced severe health and other issues for burning Meji and Bhela Ghar.”

Inputs: Juganta Dehingia