8 GNLA Cadres surrender in Williamnagar | No, not before the Police!

Shillong/Guwahati, March 11: In a shocking yet true incident that has come to light today at Williamnagar in East Garo Hills, reportedly, eight cadres of GNLA had surrendered today but not before the Police or Army but before a Pastor.

Sources also informed that the Pastor will officially hand over their custody to the concerned authority.

According to local sources, there have been many such reports earlier when GNLA cadres have surrendered themselves to a pastor and not to any government security agency.
It may be mentioned that a pastor is a minister in charge of a Christian church or congregation, especially in some Non-Episcopal churches.

Speaking to TIME8, one of the locals informed that Pastors have always played an important role in bringing peace to Meghalaya.

Another source from Williamnagar has informed that some pastors have also got some tie-ups with the concerned authority where a pastor is given the authorization for such surrenders which has to come through a proper notification.

Further, the locals mentioned that Meghalaya Government also in some particular cases gives an alternative authority to a pastor so that cadres from any militant outfit can surrender before him.

Ground reports also stated that some militants do not trust the police or Government as sometimes they also try to take the credit by arresting them even if the cadres want to surrender.

Meanwhile, speaking to TIME8, Ringrang T.G. Momin, Superintendent of Police, East Garo Hills, said, “We try to bring confidence in the minds of the cadres as they are under the apprehension of getting shot or killed by the police. So we engage a pastor or a father or someone from the peace committee and we send them along with our troops to the particular location. However, we will hold the official ceremony tomorrow and we will disclose the names and recovery of the arms and ammunitions.”