Afghan National residing in Assam for last 40 years sent back to Afghanistan

Guwahati, May 18: Strange but a true incident, one Afghani national who was residing in Mirza for the last 40 years was escorted by Assam Police from LGBI Airport in Guwahati to IGI Airport in New Delhi on Thursday and was sent back to capital Kabul in Afghanistan.

As per reports, the person who was residing here in the region owns a huge plot of land (Miadi Patta) and has the visa from Afghanistan which is likely to expire on May 19.

The incident has raised questions as to how an Afghani national got hold of huge land and property in the state. The person also has his name registered in the ration card has also voted four times in the elections.

Image of the Afghani National at LGBI Airport, Guwahati

Reportedly, the person had come to Assam way back in the year 1980 and married a woman from the state and started living here since then.

During a conversation with the media, the person directly refused to comment upon the matter, however, the Assam Police had informed that the visa of the person is getting expired on May 19 and so he is being escorted back to his country.