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Ajmal will never become Chief Minister: AIUDF

Badruddin Ajmal (file)

GUWAHATI: The All India United Democratic Front (AIUDF) on Saturday said that the party’s chief and Dhubri MP Badruddin Ajamal’s decision not to contest as a chief ministerial candidate in the ensuing assembly election is a party resolution. 

AIUDF general secretary and party legislator Mamun Imdadul Haque Chowdhury said, “Being new generation politicians and representatives from a religious minority community, we want peaceful coexistence with the majority community. Our leaders have no aspiration to occupy the CM’s post. Keeping this in mind, our party President Badruddin Ajmal has instructed me to assure the people of Assam on his behalf that he has no intention to become the CM of Assam. The decision has also been adopted as a party resolution.”

Stressing that the AIUDF does not want to recall the tragic political situation of the Assam movement, Chowdhury said, “During the 1980s, when Syeda Anwara Taimur became the chief minister of Assam, the Assam movement reached its peak. We do not want to revisit those tragic political situations. Our objective is to achieve peaceful coexistence, development and employment.”  

He asserted that during every election, certain political parties bully the people of Assam projecting Ajmal as the next chief minister of Assam by their own. “Debate on Ajmal speculating as next chief minister of Assam is irrational and does not serve any purpose to the people of Assam,” he said.

The general secretary also highlighted that Congress and AIUDF’s common minimum agenda is taking final shape and the negotiation on seat sharing will also be finalised soon.

The AIUDF also criticised the BJP-led state government for not adopting a concrete plan for reviving the broken economy.

AIUDF leader Hafiz Rafiqul Islam said, “At a time when the country’s GDP has gone down to -23, the Centre, as well as the state government, is busy in announcing numbers of election-centric welfare schemes to attract the voters. The irony is that, at the same time, the state government of Assam is heading to borrow loan amounting to Rs 6000 crore from foreign agencies.”

Islam also slammed the Centre for not releasing the GST outstanding.

“The government of India has been escaping from its responsibility. States are forced to borrow a loan to survive at their own. Presently, more than 50 lakh youths have become jobless due to the pandemic in Assam. What is more worrying is that the Centre, as well as the state government, has no plan to rehabilitate these millions of jobless youths. They are simply busy in preparing for the ensuing assembly election scheduled for 2021,” Islam added.