Almost 2 years of Sonowal Govt: Data reflects Steep Price Rise in Assam

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Guwahati, February 8: Intermittent hike in the prices of essential commodities in Assam becomes a matter of grave concern among the people across the state. Refuting its promise to lower the prices of essential commodities, the state has witnessed how Sonowal government has burdened the common man’s basic necessities by increasing the price of primary groceries with rice, wheat and onion at the peak of the price-rise.

A written reply by Food and Supply and Consumer Minister Rihon Daimari indicates an inflation in the prices of basic commodities like rice, onion, atta, gur, sugar, mustard oil, peas, gram dal, vanaspati and so on. A comparative statement showing the retail prices of the essential commodities from January 2016 and January 2018 reveals that while the price of onion was Rs 25-30 in 2016, it has raised to Rs 46-48 in 2018. Similarly, the price of rice has increased from30-54 to 40-64, wheat has hiked from 25-26 to 27-30, vanaspati from Rs 64-98 to 75-100 per packet, gur from 36-37 to 45-50, sugar from 35-37 to 43-44, and so on.

While it may be mentioned that prices in some of the essential commodities like urad dal, arahar dal, masoor dal, moong daal, and potato have seen a significant decline, it remains an utmost concern that the BJP government has failed to control the overall prices of the essential commodities for the general public.

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