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Monday, July 19, 2021

    APCC Prez Ripun Bora terms Assam Govt’s budget as history’s most ‘fraudulent budget’

    The budget has nothing new for the people suffering from abnormal price rise, youth wrecked by unemployment and people hit by Covid- 19: Assam Congress

    Guwahati: Assam Pradesh Congress Committee president Ripun Bora on Saturday dubbed the budget for the financial year 2021- 22, presented by state finance minister Ajanta Neog as ‘history’s most fraudulent budget’.

    Addressing a press conference here in Rajiv Bhawan on Saturday, Bora conveyed the Congress party’s views on the budget tabled by finance minister Ajanta Neog in the Assembly on Friday.

     “The budget comprises ornamental words, uses references to Jyoti Prasad Agarwala, Lakshminath Bezbaruah and Hiren Bhattacharya, whose writings are considered as symbols of Assamese self-respect, including Srimanta Sankardev’s devotional writings and Sanskrit shlokas from Vedas. The budget attempts to make friends- bank friend, cattle friend, agriculture friend and livelihood friend. But the budget has nothing new for the people suffering from abnormal price rise, youth wrecked by unemployment and people hit by Covid- 19,” said Ripun Bora in a press statement.

    APCC President Bora gave the following points –

    1. The budget contains allocation of funds and new schemes but it remains to be seen how much will be realized. It shows income from state taxes as Rs 21177.55 crores and share of central taxes as Rs 20818.82 crores. Central government’s centrally sponsored schemes (CSS) funds are shown as Rs 26013.09 crores and finance commission’s layout of Rs 11508.65 crores. But is has been seen that during the financial years 2019- 20 and 2020- 21, Assam did not get the funds that were due to the state. Only a small amount was received from Central Govt. Assam’s GST share of Rs 80,000 crores is yet to be released, while the funds allocated by the finance commission were not received. According to the Reserve bank, the financial situation of the Central Government is poor owing to the Covid pandemic. Hence itis doubtful that funds from the Centre would be forthcoming. Assam’s tax collection has also suffered from the pandemic and receipts have decreased. So, the tax collection envisaged in the budget will not be realized and the budget is bound to fail.
    • It is mentioned in the budget that salaries, pension and interest would cost the state Rs 51,000 crores. On the other hand, during this financial year, the state government would earn 1 lakh 7 thousand crores. Deducting Rs 51,000 crores in the heads of salary, pension and interest will leave an amount of Rs 56,000 crores. How will the government manage to keep the other promises after spending from Rs 56,000 crores of giving appointment to 1 lakh unemployed? Therefore, we demand that the government publish a white paper on this subject.
    • The state government’s borrowing till the time of the Tarun Gogoi government in 2016 stood at Rs 35,000 crores which includes the terms of late CM Hiteswar Saikia and also Sri Prafulla Mahanta. But the BJP Government’s borrowing alone in the last five years itself is Rs 47,000 crores and it has led to credit load of Rs 82,000 crores. The interest on the amount payable this year will be Rs 6,500 crores. It remains to be seen with what magic powers the CM will fulfil all the promises in the budget without any earning.
    • The CM, during his stint as Finance Mnister, had criticized our Congress party and government, saying that he will not distribute yarn to our women but take permanent women empowerment measures for them. But in the last 5 years, no permanent women empowerment schemes were adopted and this budget also has no mention of these. In fact, the women have been betrayed and their micro- finance loans were not all waived. It was promised during elections by BJP that Rs 830 monthly relief under Orunodoi scheme would be increased to Rs 3000. But it was increased to only Rs 1000 in the budget by adding just Rs 170/-.  Now logos of the scheme would be pasted in the beneficiaries’ homes, in the name of permanent empowerment.
    • The Assam Accord Department, an important department considered to be a symbol of protection of our identity by the Assamese people, has been allocated only Rs 2.7 crore. This reveals the government’s farcical responsibility towards the Assam Accord.
    • The pandemic has led to loss of livelihood of the unorganized sector  working class like rickshaw pullers, auto drivers, private car drivers, daily wage labourers, footpath vendors and small businessmen, carpenters, masons, electricians, plumbers, barbers, washermen, tailors, mobile theatre artistes and employees, vegetable sellers and fish sellers and others. These people are suffering but there is no relief for them in the budget. Not a single word has been uttered to give relief to these people hard hit by pandemic and price rise in the budget.
    • There is no mention in the budget for controlling the abnormal price hike of petrol- diesel- cooking gas and life saving medicines that is crippling the common man. No mention of price regulation measures in the budget reflects the Government’s callousness towards the existence of the lower income group and middle income  group of the society.
    • It was promised that micro- finance loans for women would be waived and there is mention of Rs 12,500 crores that  needed to be paid off the loans but only Rs 7,500 crores has been allocated for the purpose. From the language of the Finance Minister it appears that she is concerned only with payment of Rs 25,000 as relief. By dividing the micro- finance beneficiaries into three sections and allotting Rs 7,500 crores, it is evident that many women would be deprived of the scheme. Hence non fulfillment of the electoral promise to waive off all micro-finance loan of all women of Assam is the biggest betrayal  of the BJP Government and party to the women of Assam who came out in large numbers to vote for them believing in this promise.
    •  Providing employment to 1 lakh unemployed instead of the 38 lakh unemployed youth in the state will be like a drop in an ocean. The budget has also ignored the provincialisation of venture schools and colleges and the regularisation of contract workers in the health and other departments. This is another betrayal in the new budget.
    • Fund allocated for re- establishment of NDFB surrendered cadres is appreciated. But the budget has not provided a penny for the surrendered cadres of other militant organisations in the state. This reflects the irresponsible attitude of the BJP government.


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