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    Are You On A Gastronomical Trip To Meghalaya? You Gotta Check This Out

    Rice and pork form the staple diet across different communities of Meghalaya. The dishes are prepared with simple and easily available ingredients

    Apart from the lush green forests, ringed forest-clad mountains, beautiful free flowing streams, hot-spot biodiversity, the Northeastern(NE) state of Meghalaya is blessed with freshly grown spices, herbs, vegetables, and fruits, why is why this hilly state has its authentic cuisines offering the perfect food getaways.

    You might have devoured its street food but the ‘abode of clouds’ has much more to serve your taste buds. From their staple food rice to spicy delight of meat and fish preparations, Meghalayans loved their pickled bamboo shoots.

    Here, we have complied a list of incredibly delicious food items from the hilly state of Meghalaya to serve your purpose. Check them out:


    Jadoh is a very popular dish among the Khasi community of Meghalaya. There are two types of Jadoh prepared in Meghalaya–one is prepared for the tourists and another for the adventure junkies who like to try the dish prepared in a traditional way. In Khasi language, ‘Ja’ means rice and ‘Doh’ means meat. Jadoh is basically red rice, cooked with generous amounts of pork meat. For non-pork eaters, pork is being substituted with chicken or fish. While most of the tourists opt for jadoh cooked with pork-fat while the locals also enjoy eating ‘Jadoh snam’ that is cooked in fresh pork blood.

    Pork Jadoh. Photo courtesy: Hungry Forever

    Doh Khleh

    Doh Khleh is one of the favorite dishes of the Khasi people during special ceremonies. The actual meaning of Doh Khleh is – Doh- means meat and Khleh- means mixture. It can be prepared with any kind of meat but mostly the head part of the pork meat is used.

    Dohkhleh. Photo courtesy: Meal Dial


    Tungtap is dry fish paste or chutney– charred and mixed with onion, green chili and red chilies to prepare the dish. In this recipe, onion, garlic, turmeric, red round chilies, tomatoes along with the dried fish are fried in pungent mustard oil and then made a paste to emjoy it as a side dish with Jadoh or other Khasi food.

    Mouth-watering Khasi fermented dry fish chutney. Photo courtesy: Snigdha’s Bioscope


    Kyat is a must-try party drink. While making the drink, fermented rice is boiled with water and garnished with local ingredients. Kyat is served in almost every bar and restaurant of Meghalaya. If you visit any Khasi family, they will never let you leave unless you have a glass of Kyat, which is an integral part of their hospitality.

    Kyat- fermented rice beer. Photo courtesy: Holidify


    Pukhlein is a sweet dish made from powdered rice and jaggery. Pukhlein is known for its fluffy texture and lightness that can be served with almost any dish and a piping hot cup of tea.

    Pukhlein. Photo courtesy: Spice your life

    Rice and pork is a form of staple diet consumed among different communities of Meghalaya. The dishes are prepared with simple and easily available ingredients. So if you are a pork and rice lover, you can definitely plan a quick trip to Meghalaya for some amazing gastronomic adventures.

    Guwahati | First Published: Aug 14, 2019