Assam Accord signed by Rajiv Gandhi is absurd: Trinamool Congress leader

Guwahati, August 6: Trinamool Congress (TMC) Rajya Sabha MP Sukhendu Sekhar Roy said the Assam Accord which was signed between then Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi, All Assam Student’s Union (AASU) and Assam government  is “unprecedented and absurd”.

The Assam Accord (1985) was a Memorandum of Settlement (MoS) signed between representatives of the Government of India and the leaders of the Assam Movement in New Delhi on August 15, 1985.

A six-year agitation demanding identification and deportation of illegal immigrants was launched by the AASU in 1979 and it culminated with the signing of the Assam Accord. The Accord brought an end to the Assam Agitation and paved the way for the leaders of the agitation to form a political party – Asom Gana Parishad – and form a government in Assam soon after.

Roy, who led the Mamata Banerjee’s delegation which was detained at the Silchar airport, said that similar accords like the Punjab Accord (1985) and the Mizoram Accord (1986) signed by Rajiv Gandhi are also “equally absurd”.

In an interview with the ET, Roy said, “Perhaps for the first time a Prime Minister signed an accord anti-foreigner movement. Rajiv Gandhi signed the Assam Accord with an agitating students’ organisation (AASU). He (Rajiv) signed the Mizoram Accord with Laldenga, who was then not living in India. He further signed the Punjab accord with Akali leader Harchand Singh Longowal, who was also involved in the separatist movement. All these accords were equally absurd and unprecedented.”

He added, “All these accords are time-barred. These are 33-year-old accords. What is the motive behind implementing these three-decade old accords now? If Modi government is so interested in executing decade old treaties and accords, then would the government also implement the Liaquat-Nehru pact signed in 1950?.”

Roy said that implementing the old accord in Assam is “an evil design by the Modi government to polarise the religious and linguistics minorities”. He also said the NRC process should be conducted under the monitoring of United Nations Commission on Human Rights.

The Assam government released the second and complete draft of the NRC on July 30. 2,89, 83,677 persons were found eligible out of 3,29,91,384 applicants in the final draft of the NRC. Names of 4,007,707 people were not included in the final draft NRC.

The NRC contains names of Indian citizens of Assam. The NRC was prepared in 1951, after the Census of 1951. The NRC Updation of 2014-2016 across Assam includes the names of those persons (or their descendants) who appear in the NRC 1951, or in any of the Electoral Rolls up to the midnight of March 24, 1971 or in any one of the other admissible documents issued up to the midnight of March 24, 1971, which would prove their presence in Assam on or before March 24, 1971.