Assam BJP president was expelled for cheating in B.Ed examination: Anil Raja

Guwahati, May 18: After bringing sensational allegations on former minister Rockybul Hussain, now Anil Raja has alleged that the Assam BJP president Ranjit Dass was expelled from the B.Ed examination in the year 1994 after he was caught cheating by the evaluators.

Speaking on the issue, the Congress leader rubbishing speculations about him joining the BJP said, “There are no chances of me joining the BJP because the party in the state is being run by a person who was once expelled for cheating during an examination. He was expelled by the expelled by the evaluators.”

Raja added that in the year 1994, BJP president Ranjit Dass was a lecturer at the MC College, Barpeta but then he appeared for the B.Ed examination. While sitting in the examination he was caught ‘red handed’ cheating on the exam and immediately he was expelled by the observers.

Later on principle of MC College, Arjun Das after knowing about the incident that Ranjit Dass cheated asked him (Ranjit Dass) to resign from his post of lecturer.

He added that he because of certain other reasons will not at all join the BJP.

He stated, “I will stay in the Congress but at the same time I will bring out the true faces of dishonest leaders like Rockybul Hussain in front of the people of Assam.”