Assam BJP red-faced after a “celebration” on reduction of fuel price cut short

Guwahati, October 5: In a rather embarrassing turn of event, a supposed celebration organised by the Assam unit of Bharatiya Janata Party was halted midway following a “sudden realization”.

The Assam unit, which seldom refrains from celebrating an achievement by the incumbent Central government, had according to invitees, organised a celebration with crackers and sweets on the occasion of cut in fuel prices.

“The BJP workers have kept the crackers out in the open and about 40-50 senior members had gathered. They were sloganeering BJP zindabad (Long live BJP), Bharat Mata Ki Jai with tricolours and BJP flags. But suddenly, we saw that a person was packing up the crackers,” one of the invitees said.

The invite said that they were invited to celebrate but all the party workers did were sloganeering and then all left.

It may, however, be mentioned that the Assam BJP had earlier conducted such celebrations after the one-month completion of demonetization in December 2016 and also on the completion of three years of the NDA government in 2017 and during the launch of Goods and Service Taxes.

The invitees suspected that the unexpected end to the celebration is out of fear of criticisms from the oppositions, who had lamented the party for celebrating its own achievements as an act of a “self-obsessed government”.

The supposed celebration was organised to welcome the decision of the BJP-led NDA government in the centre to cut fuel price by Rs 2.5 per litre in petrol and diesel and the BJP-alliance led state government to cut another Rs 2.5 per litre in diesel and petrol to curb the burden on common people.

When media asked on why the celebration was cut short, the members denied any celebration at the first place and said, “There was no celebration at the first place. We just gathered here to welcome the centre’s decision because the sudden rise in fuel had affected common people on a daily basis.”
The arrangements, however, were very apparent.

Meanwhile, even though the cut did bring a little respite for the people in Assam, several alleged that it has not come close to compensate for an average Rs 12 rise in fuel over the last few months.