Assam Boy re-unites with Father after 9 years, thanks to this 16-year old

Guwahati/Surat, January 2: As they say lost ways often leading to a beautiful or a new destination. So as the case happened with Abdul Gaffar(16) and Deep Bora(13).

The teen duo met at a children protection home in Surat, both wandering on life and hence their friendship grew, shared their gloomy days with each other. While Abdul had fled from his house in search of work and got lost in the city streets, on the other hand Deep too had a tragic incident, right from escaping from his house to the expectations of meeting his long lost father.

While the former was so moved with the latter’s tragedy, pledged to reunite him with his father.

Although Abdul’s whereabouts and relatives were found later, he would not give up on his pledge of reuniting Deep with his father. Getting a description of his family Abdul was successful in tracing Deep’s father in Assam.

Travelled almost 100 km to Deep’s native village to trace his father, although it wasn’t possible in a day, Abdul finally senses a relief when he could trace the person. Makes a phone call making both the son and father talk for the first time in 9 years.

It was in the year 2009 that Deep was separated from his father when his mother eloped, since then Deep had reportedly been living a life of hardships, from fleeing to different states to working at tea stalls for a living, life was not easy.

And the father son finally meets after 9 years of separation.

They could not thank Abdul enough.