Assam gets into celebratory mood, villagers participate in community fishing in Jagiroad


Tulshi Manta

Jagiroad, January 14: The people of the state have geared up for celebrating the Bhogali Bihu festivities. The villagers got into the celebratory mood as they took part in community fishing in Dimoria on Monday.

A large number of villagers participated in community fishing, overcoming the bone-chilling cold, in Parkhali Beel of Dimoria to celebrate uruka, the night of feasts.

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As per the age-old tradition, the Dimoria king, Holising Ronghang opened the fishing event. The youths, dressed in traditional attires performed Karbi song and dance as the fishermen kicked off the community fishing event remembering their Panch Devta in a ceremonial way.

Villagers from Sonapur, Khetri, Maloibari came with their traditional fishing gears like jaal, juluki, pol, jakoi and took part in the event.

This Bihu marks the end of harvesting season. It is celebrated in Assam with feasting lasting for a week. The festival is marked by singing, dancing, feasts and bonfires.

As per the ritual, people eat the food prepared for the feast in the bhelaghar and then burn the huts the next morning. The night before Bhogali Bihu, which falls on January 15, is called uruka.

Varieties of pithas (rice cakes), laru made out of rice powder, sesame, molasses (black syrup from sugarcane), puffed rice, flattened rice, and coconut are prepared by the women folk.