Assam girl Rima Das’ film screened in Egypt amidst barbaric terrorist attack

Guwahati, 27 November: Assam girl Rima Das’ Village Rockstars got screened in the 39th Cairo International Film Festival without any disruption despite the heinous terrorist attack on a mosque on Friday, in the Sinai Peninsula that claimed the lives of over 305 people.

Tight security arrangements were made during the festival with commandos, sniffer dogs and scanner machines were being fixed on all the entrances.

Because of such prompt action was taken by the organizers, Rima Das’ acclaimed Assamese film Village Rockstars could be screened in the scheduled evening slot before a large gathering which followed with a long question and answers session.

Village Rockstars is competing with six other films from across the globe in the International Critic’s Week Competition of the festival. Under this particular section cinema of only women directors were being showcased, and the other films under this section are American film Baracuda by Jason Cortund, British film Just Charlie by Rebekhah Fortune, French film Ava by Lea Mysius, Denmark-Greece co-production film Thorn by Gabrial Tzafka, Icelandic film The Swan by Asa Helga Hjorleifsdottir and Lithuania-Bulgaria-Poland co-production film Miracle by Egle Vertelyte.

The other Indian films include Sanal Kumar Sasidharan’s controversial Malayalam film S Durga, The Idiot by Ruchi Joshi and Sriram Ganapathy, Machines by Rahul Jain, Agam by Sumit Mishra, Cry Humanity by Amshan Kumar and Newton by Amit V Masurkar.

After having its world premiere in TIFF, Village Rockstars had its European premiere in San Sebastián International Film Festival and Asian premiere in Mumbai Academy of Moving Image (MAMI) where it bagged the Golden Gateway award along with Oxfam Best Film for gender quality award and Young Critics Choice award. The movie was recently awarded with the “Gradam Spiorad Na Féile” / SPIRIT OF THE FESTIVAL AWARD in the 62nd Cork Film Festival in Ireland.