Assam man in Delhi throws infant daughter into a drain for crying

Guwahati, September 22:  Delhi Police arrested a man hailing from Assam on Thursday, for killing his one and a half year old daughter by throwing her into a gutter as she was sick and was crying a lot.

The accused who was identified as Rashid Zamal reportedly stated that he was under the influence of alcohol and had possibly thrown the child in the drain of southeast area of Delhi, after 56hrs of this statement Police recovered the infant’s body from a drain of Jamia Nagar, Delhi.

As reported, the mother of the child, Mofida Begum filed a complaint on Tuesday against her husband Rashid Zamal alleging that he had kidnapped their daughter. She also alleged that on the night of the incident, her husband who was highly intoxicated started beating her and as the child was unwell she was crying. Zamal, furious upon the child, carried her and hit her head on the floor many times and later took her away. When Zamal did not return home for several hours, Mofida informed the Police.

He was reportedly arrested on charges of kidnapping his daughter. According to sources, Zamal and his wife worked as rag pickers in Delhi and that Zamal was addicted to alcohol. He belongs to Assam and has two wives and eight children.