Assam Man asked to go to International Desk at Hospital in Bengaluru

Guwahati/Bengaluru, December 6: In a startling incident, one Assam man was asked to move to an International Desk for registration. According to his tweet, he was in Manipal Hospital in Bengaluru on Wednesday morning. When he said that he was from Assam, he was asked to go to International Desk by the receptionist.

“They thought Assam was a separate country.” he wrote on Twitter.

The post got sharp reactions on social media and soon he wrote on Twitter he didn’t mean to criticise hospital staff or people of Bengaluru.

Another post on Twitter by the man revealed that the ladies at the reception were unaware that Assam is in India.

“I told them that I am from Assam and requested them to do the registration.Then the lady told me to go to the international desk.When I explained the lady at international desk that Assam is an Indian state, she spoke over to the lady in domestic counter saying Assam is in India.” he wrote.

At a time when Assam Govt is promoting Assam fiercely through Assam Tourism and has even roped in Bollywood Stars like Priyanka Chopra, incidents like these raise question whether it is serving the purpose or we actually needed such fierce campaigning for Assam to dispel such myths and misinformation regarding the state within the country itself.