Assam, Mizoram most vulnerable to climate change


Guwahati, December 5: According to a recent study conducted by a team of Indian scientists at the COP 24 climate conference being held in Katowice, Poland, Assam and Mizoram are found most vulnerable to climate change among Himalayan states.

The team studied 12 western and eastern Himalayan states based on various parameters crucial for adaptation to climate change such as irrigated area, per capita income for the period 2014 to 2015, the area under crop insurance, forest cover and the extent of slopes.

The data for these parameters have been taken from government records such as the census and annual reports, as reported by Hindustan Times.

Royal Global University

While Assam and Mizoram topped the vulnerability index, another Northeastern state Sikkim is the lowest in the index compared to other hilly states.

Assam and Mizoram have higher vulnerability because it has the lowest areas of irrigation and lowest forest area per 1,000 rural households among the 12 states. Besides, it has lowest per capita income and relatively low participation in the Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Guarantee Scheme, which provides 100 days of employment (unskilled public work) to at least one adult member of every poor rural household, as reported by Hindustan Times.