Assam PCC move state election commission against PM and PM office

Guwahati, December 5: Assam Pradesh Congress Committee today moved the Assam State Election Commission against the Prime Minister Narendra Modi and his office for trying to “influence” voters of Panchayat elections despite the clamp of Model Code of Conduct.

According to a report, Prime Minister Modi will visit Assam to inaugurate the Bogibeel Bridge, India’s longest rail-road bridge, on Christmas Day — December 25.

“The PM and PM Office cannot announce such developmental programmes in a state where elections are going on. This is an attempt to influence the voters and a contempt to the election rules,” Rajiv Bora, senior leader of Assam PCC told media.

The congress has also complained that vooters have been threatened to cast their votes against congress in 31 and 32 number Shonaribali Girls’ School.

“Re-polling should be done in those stations,” Bora said.