Assam Police official caught on camera taking bribe in Hajo


Mridul Pritom Deka

Hajo, November 7: Hajo Sub Inspector(SI) Ramesh Kalita was allegedly caught on camera while taking bribe from a commuter for not being able to produce his vehicle documents.

The incident is dated back three days ago when the police official had stopped an alto 800 car bearing registration number AS 25CC 1158 during police checking.The vehicle which was carrying a consignmentwas detained along with the driver for insufficient documents.

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However, according to the vehicle owner, Kuldip Bhatta, the driver Lakhyadhar Das, had all the necessary documents and that the SI had “unnecessarily” detained the vehicle for three days along with the arrest of his driver.

Bhatta further alleged that the police official today demanded an amount of Rs 600 to refill their police van while sending Lakhyadhar to police custody, the moment of which was recovered on camera.

“As per law, an accused should be presented before the court within 24 hours but my driver had been kept in the police station for the past three days,” said Bhatta.

Bhatta has further alleged that the SI has been harassing Lakhyadhar’s family by demanding money even after Lakhyadhar’s family denied his involvement in the incident.