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Tuesday, May 18, 2021

    Assam Polls: Congress to provide monthly relief to housewives; launches 2 more video adds

    Through the video advertisement, the Congress Party has staunchly affirmed that it will be giving, a monthly relief of Rs.2000 to all housewives of the State.

    Guwahati: Guwahati: To empower housewives by ensuring safety for women against the constantly rising crimes in Assam, the Congress party has pledged to implement the ‘Grihini Samman Guarantee’.

    The party through its ‘Guarantee’ pledges to:

    • Empower houswives by providing every housewife with a monthly amount of Rs 2,000/-
    • Cover All housewives, including widowed and divorced women, even if she has a job or works as a daily labor
    • Bestow the self-respect that all housewives deserve
    • Implement this programme within the first few days of being elected

    Moreover, the series of advertisements of the Congress which shed light on the assurances to be provided through ‘Gurantees’ is being continued by the party.

    After the success of the first video advertisement based on the party’s ‘Guarantee’ of the nullification of CAA, the party through another video advertisement has staunchly affirmed that it will be giving a monthly relief of Rs 2000 to every housewives of Assam.

    “The Party believes that it is high time that these women, who are the backbone of their families, are given their overdue financial autonomy,” a release from the Assam Pradesh Congress Committee stated.

    Through the video advertisement, the Congress Party has staunchly affirmed that it will be giving, a monthly relief of Rs.2000 to all housewives of the State.

    The advertisement video sheds light on the plight of the women, who are put on a pedestal for political mileage, however, do not receive any tangible change for their endeavors.

    Following this venture towards the path of empowering women, in every nook and corner of Assam, the Senior Leaders of the Congress Party, who are undertaking the ‘Congressor 5 Guarantee’ Yatra, have been distributing ‘Rs. 2000 Guarantee Cards’ to indigenous and rural women of the State.

    The Guarantee Cards stand as a written assurance of the fulfillment of Congress’ Guarantee towards placing women in esteemed regard, which is necessary for the overall upliftment of civilization.

    The third video advertisement of the party visually represents the disservice done to the People, in light of sustained price hikes on essential commodities under the incumbent regime.

    It highlights whether the people will have to get used to the darkness, due to the excessive inflation of electricity prices.

    “The Congress through this advertisement has iterated that, every night in an Assamese home will be illuminated, because Congress is coming with a Guarantee, to provide 200 units of free electricity to every household in the State. The savings, through this Guarantee, will be up to Rs 1400 for each family,” the release further stated.

    The video advertisements, also vividly iterate that pressing the poll-button on the ‘Hand’ symbol and voting for the Congress Party, means not just hoping for change but receiving ‘Guarantees’ of upliftment, harmony, and financial relief.

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