Assam State Zoo Officials & Staff feast on Deer Meat: Chiriyakhana Suraksha Mancha

File Photo of Deer at Assam State Zoo

Guwahati, April 8: In a sensational allegation, the Chiriyakhana Suraksha Mancha on Sunday stated that officials and other staff of Assam State Zoo feast on deer meat inside the Zoo.

“Around 1200 deer were in the Zoo at one point of time and now only around 400 of them are there. Where have all the deer gone if the people of the Zoo are not feasting on them?” asked Rajkumar Baishya, General Secretary of the Chiriyakhana Suraksha Mancha while speaking exclusively to TIME8.

The members of the Mancha further alleged that the deer that die because of some mishap are being eaten later by the Zoo officials and staff rather than being buried inside the Zoo.

“There are two escape routes for the deer through which they sometime go out of the Zoo. One is towards Geetanagar side and the other two towards Krishna Nagar side. The deer escape out through these paths sometime and when they die for some accident, etc. outside, the Zoo Staff claim that they are buried inside but they are actually eaten by the officials,” the Mancha stated.

“Even Ministers and MLAs get share of deer meat and that’s why nothing is being done,” alleged the Mancha.

“There is a Ladies club inside where wives of DFOs and Rangers take part in alcohol parties and feast on deer meat,” the Mancha members further alleged.

Animals are constantly getting stolen from the Assam State Zoo and the shelters of the animals too are in very bad condition and the place is not hygienic at all, stated the Mancha.

“An elephant tusk that was the longest and the biggest in Asia too got stolen from inside the Zoo but no enquiry or investigation was done,” alleged the Mancha while demanding a strong and swift action against the culprits.

In a press communiqué, the Mancha further thanked the AGP MLA Ramendra Narayan Kalita for showing concern on the issues raised by the Mancha regarding the Assam State Zoo. The Mancha members also criticized BJP MLA Siddhartha Bhattacharyya for allegedly failing to address the issues and not responding to the Mancha that has been constantly trying to get in touch with the MLA.

The Mancha thanked the initiative of the Assam Assembly for directing the Chief Secretary of the Forest Dept of Assam to carry out a proper investigation into the matter and assured that the Mancha will help and cooperate with the investigation for the greater good of the Assam State Zoo.

Assam State Zoo authorities meanwhile stated that the entire allegations are baseless.