Assam students seek divine help to counter jumbo terror

Batssam NZ Hoque
Samaguri, September 14: The students of the Balijuri Kaziranga LP School here on Friday offered prayers to Lord Ganesha to “stop Laden from destroying their school”.
The students lit earthen temples, burnt incense sticks and offered flowers while they called for “divine intervention” to save their school from a wild elephant, nicknamed by the locals as Laden.
Along with the teachers, the students sang hari naam, in unison with folded hands.
The locals alleged that Laden is wreaking havoc in the area.
“Laden has damaged the school many times in the past. The district administration and the education department is not at all bothered about the school’s poor condition. The school building might collapse at any moment,” said a local.
“Lord Ganesha is the our only solace. Hence, a prayer meet was organised to pray for forgiveness for any mistake committed by us unknowingly,” said a teacher of the school.