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Assamese in Pune Celebrate Online ‘Rabha Divas’ amid Coronavirus


Guwahati: The Assamese Society in Pune observed an online ‘Rabha Divas’ celebration organized by LUIT – as a tribute Kalaguru Vishnu Prasad Rabha on his death anniversary.

Assamese people staying across the globe commemorate his death anniversary, 20th June as ‘Rabha Divas’ every year.

With Coronavirus rendered it impossible to organize a physical commemoration, the Assamese diaspora decided to pay their tributes by participating in a 10-day online ‘Rabha Divas’ competition organized on LUIT’s Facebook Group.

According to Bidyut Saikia, Assistant Editor of LUIT, people participated in dozens. From middle-aged parents to the elderly, from tiny-tots to teenagers, Assamese people residing in Pune shared their videos singing ‘Rabha sangeet’, reciting his poems, dancing to his memorable songs. The online competition was a huge success.

The intent behind organizing ‘Rabha Divas’ in Pune was to foster the invisible bond of affection, love and care towards its cultural identity and language and to remind the Assamese diaspora that we can preserve and celebrate our culture even while staying in our karmabhoomi, he said.