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Monday, February 15, 2021

    Dipanjon Konwar


    Communication and ‘Mitigated Speech’ in COVID affected World

    “Mitigated speech” is inherent in communication between subordinates and the superiors, especially in Asian cultures like ours

    Learning to live with a “Genius” virus

    In times of Covid-19 crisis, we don’t have the luxury of generating and evaluating alternative solutions and making a rational choice

    Food Safety In Times Of Covid-19

    We are now in lockdown 3.0 and wonder how long these tough times will continue. It is said tough times don’t last; tough people do. But, if the food is unsafe and adulterated then it will be...

    Pandemic: Work Disrupted; Education Disrupted

    With the Lockdown-2.0 in place till May 3, organisations have to be agile and quick in changing its working style. In my earlier article, I have written about resilient organisations which do not fail in the face...

    Risk And Organisational Resilience In Times Of COVID-19 Crisis

    What we are currently facing is a totally unexpected and turbulent change. A 'Black swan' event that has locked crores of people in their homes, closed service organizations, manufacturing and agriculture halted, supply chains disrupted, and causing...

    Continuity In The Time Of COVID-19 Crisis

    Fiction writers have been for writing about such viral disease outbreak, Dan Brown’s bestseller novel Inferno is about a pandemic virus used as a genetic vector and it was made into a hit movie starring Tom Hanks....