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Thursday, September 24, 2020
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    Dipanjon Konwar


    Learning to live with a “Genius” virus

    In times of Covid-19 crisis, we don’t have the luxury of generating and evaluating alternative solutions and making a rational choice

    Food Safety In Times Of Covid-19

    We are now in lockdown 3.0 and wonder how long these tough times will continue. It is said tough times don’t last; tough people do. But, if the food is unsafe and adulterated then it...

    Pandemic: Work Disrupted; Education Disrupted

    With the Lockdown-2.0 in place till May 3, organisations have to be agile and quick in changing its working style. In my earlier article, I have written about resilient organisations which do not fail in...

    Risk And Organisational Resilience In Times Of COVID-19 Crisis

    What we are currently facing is a totally unexpected and turbulent change. A 'Black swan' event that has locked crores of people in their homes, closed service organizations, manufacturing and agriculture halted, supply chains disrupted,...

    Continuity In The Time Of COVID-19 Crisis

    Fiction writers have been for writing about such viral disease outbreak, Dan Brown’s bestseller novel Inferno is about a pandemic virus used as a genetic vector and it was made into a hit movie starring...

    Assam Agitation: Emotional?

    We who have lost more than an academic year and were actively involved in the Assam Agitation of 1979-85 were astonished to hear the President of a regional political party which was born out of the ashes Assam...