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Saturday, June 19, 2021

    Dr. Gitartha Roymedhi


    COVID-19 Crisis And Lessons For Health, Life

    For how many of us healthcare was an important matter before the Covid-19 outbreak? Did we feel the necessity of frequent hand washing? Was there any value of face masks or hand gloves for us? What was...

    COVID 19: Impact On Community, Economy, Business And Institutions

    During the ongoing lockdown, we can clearly see its impacts on every field. We are following the same whatever the rest of the world is following. Almost every nation on the globe is currently under lockdown. Almost...

    Coronavirus And Cancer Patients

    Today we can see every individual taking care of his or her health by following necessary precautions against coronavirus (COVID -19). Mainly in hospitals, every visitor, as well as the workers, is following every preventive measure from...

    Shaping A Better Healthcare In The Northeast Region

    When a negative impression intrudes into the mind, it leaves a deep scar mark which is difficult to heal. Our local healthcare industry has also become a victim of such negative impressions. As like other sectors, private...

    Hospital Acquired Infections: A Growing Threat

    Hospital-Acquired Infections (HAI) is a major burden on healthcare costs in our country. Such infections, also known as 'Nosocomial Infections', are not only dangerous but can be also deadly. Even minor infections can become a serious threat...

    Cancer Care: Needs Something Different

    A cancer patient looks for someone like Lord Krishna to guide them