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Saturday, May 8, 2021

    Kaustuvmoni Das


    Immunity & Fit India- The Way Forward From Covid-19

    Prime Minister Narendra Modi on May 12, 2020, in his address to the nation has categorically mentioned that Covid-19 will remain in our life for a stretch of time, but we have to move forward by protecting...

    COVID-19: Opportunity For India

    At a time, when all nations across the globe are blaming China for escalating the Covid-19 and in consequence of that many countries have started to shut down their business establishment in China. Such kind of development...

    Importance Of IEC To Deter COVID-19 Pandemic

    Information, Education and Communication (IEC) have a crucial role in making a success of preventive and precautionary measures to lower the risk of exposure to the COVID-19. IEC is a vast concept comprising of various approaches and...

    Impact Of Lockdown On Learning & Skilling Process

    In a bid to break the COVID-19 virus chain, the Government of India declared nationwide lockdown under the Disaster Management Act, 2005, due to which, along with people from all walks of life, particularly students from lower...