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Wednesday, April 21, 2021

    Pranjal Baruah


    From Dissident to Crack in Alliance: All is not well in BJP

    UPPL supporters hit the streets at Tangla in Panery constituency and even torched the effigies of BJP leaders in protest on Saturday

    “Ministers drink ‘costlier’ tea than our daily wage”: AASAA slams Govt decision to hike daily wage of tea garden workers by ‘only’ Rs 50

    In the House of 126 in Assam, votes of tea garden workers work as a deciding factor in some 40-42 seats in Upper, Central, and Northern Assam besides Barak Valley

    Poll stunt for Assam & Bengal? Amit Shah visits Koch ‘Maharaja’ at his Assam residence

    In Assam, Koch-Rajbongshis along with five other communities in Assam has long been demanding the scheduled caste status

    It’s ‘Chai Time’ in Assam: How Assam Tea Workers Can Swing This Election

    BJP has decided to go full throttle in its poll campaigning in tea belt with Finance Minister giving Rs 3,000 each to some 8 lakh tea workers

    In-Depth: Of Land, PM Modi and the Rhetoric

    The state, especially Upper Assam, has been witnessing protests and demands for repealing CAA since 2019

    Buffalo Fights Continue in Assam despite SC ban

    Earlier, though they're used to be organising committees for the events, with SC ruling, villagers now a day organize such events by their own