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Wednesday, April 21, 2021

    Prasenjit Deb


    Breaking | Illegal trade of Asian elephants from Arunachal busted, Two jumbos rescued

    The elephants were taken into captivity from Lathaor in Arunachal Pradesh’s Namsai and were heading towards Orissa via Assam

    Revoke SOP or call off Bihu programmes: Assam Bihu Organizers to Assam Govt

    The members of the Bihu committees urged the government departments to take the responsibility of administrating the SOP at the Bihu events

    Battle for cattle: Dhubri SP Anand Mishra’s exclusive interview on TIME8

    Be it Prime Minister’s visit in the district, or Union Home Minister, we are sticking to our core work, along with additional duties,” clarified SP Dhubri

    Booze flooded Assam Elections: Over 16 lakh litres of Alcohol Seized

    The approximate value of the seized illegal liquor in the midst of 2021 state polls was around Rs 39,00,86,898