Opinion | ‘B’ card in state politics | Barak, Brahmaputra, BJP & Bill


Pranab Kumar Gogoi

Assam had witnessed lots of Hindu Bengali leader starting from Santosh Mohan Dev to Kabindra Purakayastha, but none had came to public with knife to curve Barak valley from the mainland of Assam. So there was no communal misapprehension between two communities, as much seen on today.

However, off late, after the rejection of Citizenship Bill Amendment Bill in Raya Sabha the political scenario is on the verge of rapid change, hence, the venom of communal separation is now widely speckled in on the river course of Barak, by a section of Bengali Hindu protagonists, aiming to break the socio- political fabrics of Assam.  The provocative statements of such separatist secessionist Hindu Bengali, are now much in a way to ignite communal flare in both the valley.

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Significantly, the indigenous Bengali Muslim people are putting their fingers crossed in the issue of separation from Assam at Barak Valley.

On the other hand, total number of 96 indigenous organizations across the state opposing the bill. However the leaders of the indigenous community are keeping their lip tied in the area mentioning of reservation of seats for indigenous people in Assembly Constituency, as drafted in the bill.  Leaders of Assam, BJP too failed to go to the people bringing a logical conclusion to the features that liked to ire the communal flare.

All Cacher Karimganj Hailakandi Student Association president Pradeep Dutta Roy, today, threatened the entry of Assamese students for higher study in Assam University, if they are against the implementation of CAB in Assam.  This is how a section of Hindu Bengali leaders in Barak valley making the student as pawn to blackmail the indigenous Assamese of Brahmaputra valley. Unfortunately none has the answer in hand to take responsibility, in both valleys, if there is a communal backless.

BJP man Pradeep Dutta Roy said that the Assamese people have no contribution for establishment of Assam University at Silchar. However he was hiding the facts of the history that, Assam University is the product of Assam Accord.

It can be mentioned that the same man since long spearheaded for separate Barak Land dividing Assam in to 50-50. In 2018 October, he came for the first time in public for demanding separate Barak Land, lastly on 7th of January; again he reiterated the same demand urging for the separate Barak land. Assam government should come firmly on those reactionary forces to maintain a true social harmony.

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