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Sunday, August 1, 2021

    Battle for cattle: Dhubri SP Anand Mishra’s exclusive interview on TIME8

    Dhubri police seized around 210 cattle amid the election period

    Guwahati: The battle for cattle is on; Dhubri police seized around 210 cattle amid the third phase of elections earlier this week.

    It’s the vigilant Dhubri Police under the supervision of the Superintendent of Police Anand Mishra who made sure that the additional workload of elections cannot be the substitute to its core work.

    Ever since he joined the office, Dhubri police have undoubtedly mastered the technique of thwarting every attempt of cattle smuggling in its radius or zone.

    Despite being the most alluring spot for the smugglers, the Dhubri police vowed to leave no stone unturned and managed to track down the fugitive from its core.

    In an exclusive interview with TIME8 over the issue, SP Anand Mishra said, “The geostrategic location of Dhubri district allures the smugglers to a large extent. This place provides certain conditions which facilitate them in doing unhindered smuggling. The economic benefits are so high that the smugglers are daring to take all kinds of risk despite the fact that they can get shot down, thus, leaving no stone unturned.”

    In fact, the smugglers have now changed their routes after the police department imposed Naka checkings in the border regions, stated Dhubri SP.

    “In certain pockets, they come and drop their cattle, gets a challan from a local ‘Gau-hut’ (Market for cattle) and that person will take the challan till next ‘Gau-hut’ and this will continue until their final destination. ‘Gau-hut’ was introduced by local panchayat and district administration to facilitate local people to trade among themselves regarding cattle,  however, the smugglers nowadays are using them for a large scale cattle smuggling,” added SP Mishra.

    Shocking yet true, SP Dhubri also stated that certain smugglers use the facility of ‘Gau-huts’ and challans inclusion with certain members those who are operating the ‘Gau-Huts’ for the smuggling purposes.

    The strategy that foiled attempts of cattle smuggling

    “Dhubri police has taken a stand to check and track all the challans and verify them accordingly. We do a backward tracking of every challan, as we know the final destinations of smugglers are Bangladesh. We have become more proactive on that and we are not letting this happen,” asserted SP Mishra.

    Water-way cattle smuggling foiled

    SP Mishra also stated that after the imposition of Naka checkings in the roadways, the smugglers intended to smuggle the cattle via waterways through Jaleshwar on various occasions. “But, our different approach towards them had forced them to quit smuggling through waterways,” added SP Dhubri.

    Battle for cattle amid election period

    “We leverage upon our 24×7 presence into all 360 degrees. During elections, our presence was there. Though a lot of people tried to take the benefit, we made sure that no stone is left unturned. Be it Prime Minister’s visit in the district, or Union Home Minister, we are sticking to our core work, along with additional duties,” clarified SP Dhubri.

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