Beware of quackers, says Manipur Medical Council


Imphal, December 05 2018:Taking a stern action against quackery, Manipur Medical Council today urged the people of the state to refrain from seeking medical advice from dubious practitioners or agencies without valid authorisation.

“Several quacks or unqualified persons in the name of modern scientific medicine or mode of treatment had been luring in put general public resulting them to the risk of physical, mental and financial complications,” Dr S Manikanta Singh, Registrar Manipur Medical Council (MMC) today.

People seeking treatment from the quacks delay the required medical treatment at the-right time and faulty or spurious drug administered led to unwanted drug reaction, said a statement of the counil.

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“One of the crucial function of the Manipur Medical Council is to ensure that no unqualified person practices modern scientific system of medicine in the State by virtue of Section 13(h) of the Manipur Medical Council Act 2009,” said MMC and added that such practices should be banned and discouraged as they ‘mislead general public and put them at risk’.

MMC appealed all such practitioners to stop their services at the earliest and said that such practitioners may be booked under relevant provision of the Indian Medical Council Act 1956, Manipur Medical Council Act 2009 and its Rule 2013 and Indian Penal Code.

It also urged general public not to fall prey arid believe the false propaganda/claims for cure of many illness by the quacks.