Big Breaking | After Simaluguri, dead body of a Woman recovered from Avadh Assam Express in Mariani Railway Junction

Guwahati/Mariani, July 11: In a sensational incident, the dead body of another woman was recovered, within 24 hours of the ‘Simaluguri incident’, from a toilet of the Avadh Assam Express that had halted at Mariani Railway Junction around 2 pm on Wednesday.

What is more shocking is the fact that it seems the particular woman was also murdered in a similar way as a piece of cloth (gamusa) was found tied up around her neck when the body was recovered. Blood was oozing out of her nose showing signs of violence and she was in a half-naked state just like the ‘Simaluguri incident’, according to reports.

The identity of the middle-aged woman is still not ascertained and a police team, as well as railway police, have arrived on the scene. Preliminary reports suggest that she might have been raped before she was murdered.

The body was recovered from a toilet of the coach reserved for specially-abled people in the train, according to preliminary reports. In the case of the Simaluguri incident too, the dead body was found in a coach reserved for specially-abled people.

Earlier, the dead body of a student of the Assam Agricultural University was recovered in a similar fashion from the toilet of the Kamakhya Express on Tuesday in Simaluguri Railway Junction.

The similarity of the two incidents has puzzled everyone including the security forces. Questions have now risen if a serial killer is involved in the murders.