Big Breaking | Draft NRC claims First Victim, Cachar Man hangs himself

Guwahati/Silchar, January 1: After the publication of the draft NRC last night, the first suicide related to it has come to light.

This morning one Manipuri Muslim man from Cachar’s Kashipur who was identified as Hanif Khan aged about 45  killed himself by hanging himself to a tree near his house after his name reportedly did not come in the part draft NRC.

Locals said that over the past few days he was tensed and also depressed over the NRC issue. It was said that he was worried that his name might not be listed on the draft NRC and since the NRC was to be published last night, he went missing since evening.

This morning when his family tried to search where he was, they found him hanging dead on a tree nearby. Currently, the whole issue is not confirmed but his family along with the locals suspected his death to be related completely with the NRC update.

The Police have currently initiated an investigation of the issue to find out if the case is an actual suicide or a possible murder.