Biswanath Family Ostracized By Shankar Sangha For Running Pig Farm At Home

Biswanath, May 16th, 2019

A Sankari family-a follower of Sankari culture- has been ostracized by the socio-religious organization, Shankardev Sangha in Assam allegedly for running a pig and broiler farming business at their home in Biswanath district.

The Afrakhat unit of the Shankardev Sangha allegedly barred the family of Indrajeet Nath from attending any kind of social functions.

Nath took to his Facebook account to express rage and wrote, “I am really shocked to see their (Shankar Sangha) mentality. We are earning our bread by fair means. We are not thieves and dacoits.”

The act of the Shankardeva Sangha has received widespread criticisms on social media platforms.