BJP driving out Bengalis in the name of Assam NRC, will give them shelter: Mamata Banerjee

Guwahati, October 31: West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee lambasted the BJP government for driving out Bengalis in the name of National Register of Citizens(NRC) exercise in Assam and further claimed that their government will provide shelter and protection to the one’s driven out of the state.

The Minister was addressing a crowd in an Administrative Review Meeting at Cooch Behar bordering Assam.

CM Banerjee also expressed her vexation over the number of suicides related to the Assam NRC.

“The ruling party at the Centre, which is also in power in Assam, has started driving out Bengalis. This does not happen in Bengal. Here, we love Assamese, Bengalis, Biharis, Nepalis, refugees, minorities and people belonging to backward castes. What is happening in Assam today? Names of 40 lakh people have been excluded from the list of genuine voters. As a result, people are committing suicides,” the Chief Minister said, as quoted by the Indian Express.

Further adding, “If my brothers and sisters are being subjected to persecution, then we will give them protection and provide them shelter in our own way,”

She further accused the BJP government of trying to “distort” the country’s history to create a crack among the people on the basis of religion and slammed the BJP of playing divisive politics where the government in power is making a ‘Bengali- khedao’ movement in Assam.