Bobbeeta Echos Queen, Says ‘Education Qualification Not Important In Politics’

Bobbeeta Sharma contested from 7 No. Gauhati Lok Sabha constituency. Photo Courtesy: Bobbeeta Sharma Facebook profile

Guwahati, May 24, 2019

The controversy surrounding the Bharatiya Janata Party(BJP) candidate for Guwahati Lok Sabha constituency Queen Oja’s educational qualification had raised eyebrows a week before the elections. However, as Oja emerged as the clear winner, Congress candidate Bobbeeta Sharma accepted people’s verdict.

Agreeing to winning candidate Queen Oja’s ‘educational qualification’ statements, the Congress leader said, “Queen Oja baideo had rightly said that educational qualification is not important in politics”.

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It may be mentioned that Queen Oja who had landed in a controversy pertaining to her educational qualifications after she had asserted that she is a senior politician and she is politically educated. “Being politically aware is important in politics rather than being qualified,” she was quoted as saying.

To this, Bobbeeta Sharma in an ironical statement took to her Facebook and wrote, “Queen Oza baideo had rightly said that educational qualification is not important in politics and yesterday a section of the people of Gauhati too proved that indeed it is not a prerequisite in politics and that there are other issues and factors which determine candidate choice,”.

She further expressed gratitude to all the people who supported her in the elections and congratulated her rival Queen Oja for her victory.

“I extend my heartfelt thanks to all the people of No 7 Gauhati Lok Sabha Constituency who voted for me for expressing their faith in me and all our party leaders, members and workers who extended their service and help in this election. I congratulate Queen Oza baideo for her super victory and wish her all the best,” Sharma wrote.

It may be mentioned that the Guwahati constituency witnessed a neck-to-neck fight between Congress’ candidate Bobbeeta Sharma and Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP)’s candidate, Queen Oja. The margin of votes between the two candidates kept on oscillating every minute giving their supporters a nail-biting experience.