Breaking | Nagaland to go for Re-polls in 11 Polling Stations on March 2

Guwahati, March 1: Nagaland will go for re-polling on March 2 as voting at 11 polling stations in some of the Assembly Constituencies were found void.

A letter to the Chief Election officer of Nagaland by the Secretary of Election Commission of India, Arvind Anand stated, “I am directed to state that on the basis of reports submitted, and after taking all material circumstances into account, the Commission hereby declares under Sub-Section (2) of Section 58 of the Representation of the People Act, 1951 that the poll taken on February 27, 2018 (Tuesday) at 11 (Eleven) polling stations mentioned below against the Assembly Constituencies to be void and appoints the March 2, 2018 (Friday) as the date and fixes the hours from 7:00 am to 3:00 pm for taking a fresh poll at the said polling stations in accordance with the Commission’s instructions contained in Chapter XIII of Hand Book for Returning Officers.” [SIC]

The letter further stated that the election officers ensures that wide publicity is giver by ‘beat of drums’ in the polling areas of those polling stations. The letter also asked the commissioner to inform all political parties along with contesting candidates in writing about the fresh poll.