Breaking | ULFA-I demands Rs 1 crore from tea estate

Tinisukia, November 26: United Liberation Front of Asom-Independent (ULFA-I) demanded Rs 1 crore as extortion from a tea estate in Tinisukia.

On November 23, ULFA-I sent an extortion demand note to the manager of Samdang Tea Estate after which the people associated with the tea estate along with the locals around were terrorized.

The demand note said, “Please accept our revolutionary. You/Your company is courteously requested to contribute INR 10000000.00 (Rs One crore only) to our organizational fund. Your co-operation in making this payment promptly would be greatly appreciated.” [SIC]

The letter further added, “You are responsible to maintain absolute secrecy about this correspondence.” [SIC]

Sources revealed that the letter was signed by the finance secretary Jiban Axom was dropped at the manager of the tea estate’s house by a team of five armed men. Investigation in this regard is going on.