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Friday, April 23, 2021


    Travelling? Pack some healthy foods to carry along

    Whether you are traveling for work, vacation, or abroad, there are a number of simple yet effective strategies that can help you stick to your healthy routine while on the move.

    Don’t wanna go out this Valentine’s Day? Have a Romantic Dinner at home

    Save the time and hassle of going out by planning the perfect evening in with these tips and recipe ideas for a romantic meal you will never forget!

    Food trends rocking India: Ones that will really matter to you

    The culinary industry has experienced new and improved exotic cuisines that simply give you that rumble in your belly and tingle in your cheeks.

    The Cosmopolitan Cocktail: The Best Recipe for your next Party

    We have rounded you some great recipes that will help you shake up both the traditional cosmo and some fun variations on the classic.

    Cocktails: Recipes for the Perfect Cocktail Drink

    Your taste-buds will love this combination. As long as you have the basic, you’re on your own way to a very relaxing happy hour.

    On a Keto diet? Here are some of the Keto picnic ideas

    Just because you are on a Keto diet doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy a great meal. Here are some ideas for you Keto picnic.

    Christmas Desserts That Look as Good as they Taste

    Here are some of our favorite desserts for Christmas that your friends and family will rave about any of these sweet treats!

    The Caffeine Fix: Try these 5 types of coffee

    Measuring the exact amount of beans, grinding them, preparing your filter, and slowly pouring water over the fresh coffee grounds? Yes please!

    Want deliciously healthy breakfast smoothies? Here are some of the recipes

    Here are some of the favorite, go-to breakfast smoothie recipes so you can have more deliciously healthy breakfast options.

    Droolworthy: Top Instagram Food Accounts You Should Follow To Know NE Better

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    Top 6 Mouth-Watering Assamese Dishes You Shouldn’t Miss

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    8 Superfoods You Should Eat This Winter To Keep You Warm

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    10 Types Of Tea To Keep You Warm This Winter

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    Top 5 Easy Tips To Avoid Overeating At Weddings

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    5 Best Places To Have Momos In Guwahati

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    Top 8 Desi Drinks You Must Try While In Northeast

    Rice being the staple food, the inhabitants love to indulge in rice-based heritage brews prepared through the traditional process.

    Must-Try Delicious Breakfast Dishes From Assam. Yummy!

    The climate and the soil of Assam allow cultivation of rice and hence the state is known for its wide indigenous variety of rice has developed an eternal love story with the golden crop