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Wednesday, November 25, 2020

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    Interstate Border Rows: Border & Brotherhood

    The irony is that sadly, successive governments in the state have failed to treat the border issues in seriousness

    Plugging the Question Paper ‘Leak’

    Though every question paper leak is a serious offense, when it happens in an examination to recruit police officers, it forces all to revisit the way these examinations are being conducted

    Reopening of Schools! The Necessity and Challenge

    It will be the first major step to take education back on track after the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic

    The New Political Party and Assam’s Future

    It remains to be seen whether the AASU and AJYCP can maintain their non-political character after the formation of the new party

    The Curious Case of Assam’s Low Covid...

    It was also found that people who have posthumously tested positive for Covid-19 in Assam were also not been counted in the total death toll

    ST status to Six communities! Demand Vs...

    Just like a ritual before elections, Assam government once again assured the six ethnic communities of the state of granting ST status soon

    ‘Chaiwala’ betrayed ‘Chai’ workers: Opposition

    Brought to Assam by the British for tea cultivation in the early 19th Century, the tea tribe community is the backbone of Assam’s tea industry

    Left in Limbo: A year after NRC publication; Uncertainty continues over Citizenship

    The NRC update in Assam was a fallout of the Assam Accord of 1985, which sets March 24, 1971 as the cutoff date for citizenship

    ‘Pol-Ethics? Artistes joining mainstream politics in Assam

    Assam BJP’s headquarter located at Hengrabari here and Manabendra Sharma Complex, Dispur literally turned into two live stages hosted separately by the ruling BJP and the Assam Pradesh Congress Committee as 29 artistes joined the Saffron while 32 artistes joined the opposition Congress together.

    Crimes Against Women: A Constant Concern

    With over 1900 cases of rape, the state recorded the highest ever rape cases in 2018 during the last five years

    The “Déjà Vu”

    The Déjà Vu happened and once again the relevance of a regional force returns. Talks about forming a regional party are once again on

    COVID 19, Unlock & the Onus

    While it’s highly important to reopen the trade for revenue and the overall health of the system, the onus of safety has been now left mostly on each individual here

    Wooing them All!

    On Saturday, it also passed 35 years since the Assam Accord was signed in 1985 ending a six-year-long agitation against illegal infiltration in the state

    Erosion, not floods, is Assam’s major problem

    Floods are seasonal but erosion occurs throughout the year. To give a perspective, Assam has lost 4.3 lakh hectares of land to erosion since 1954

    Assam, where flood and human trafficking go together

    This is when the worst forms of exploitation happen. Parents and guardians are paid to give away their children, mostly girls, over to these touts who then send them out of the state in the pretext of marriage or good jobs. In majority of the cases, these girls land up in flesh trade

    New POCSO Rules

    The Union government has recently notified new POCSO rules. This makes the law for sexual offences against children far more stringent. The Protection of...

    Delhi Police And Its Failure

    The recent Delhi riots have once again showed the fault lines in our society. The violence that broke out in the Northeast part of...

    NGOs See Silver Lining In SC Judgment

    The SC held that a voluntary organisation using legitimate means of dissent in support of a public cause cannot be prohibited to receive foreign

    Law For Lawyers

    In a significant judgement, the Supreme Court on February 28 declared that lawyers cannot claim a fundamental right to go on strike and abstain...

    Charting New Routes

    The Northeast India accounts for 34 per cent of the country’s water resources and 40 per cent of India’s hydropower potential. However, the waterways...

    Justice Muralidhar’s Transfer

    A routine transfer of a Delhi High Court judge has snowballed into a major controversy. Just hours before Justice S Muralidhar has chastised the...

    Bridging The Gap

    The 21st century is the era of information and speed. People have a rare time to spare. People want to accomplish everything within a very short time

    Public Roads Not For Protest

    The Supreme Court has appointed two senior advocates Sanjay Hegde and Sudha Ramachandran as interlocutors to resolve a deadlock created at Shaheen Bagh in...

    Fair Deal

    The Supreme Court has shattered another glass ceiling by opening the command position in the Indian Army for women officers. It has rightly held...

    Connecting The Dots

    In the last decade, India witnessed change not only in the party at the Centre but the nature of works. The previous central government...

    Collaborative Action

    India is known for its rich biodiversity and is one of the seven megadiverse countries in the world. India has four biodiversity hotspots namely–...

    Survival Of Scavenger

    10 endangered vultures died at Bamunigaon under Chaygaon police station in Assam’s Kamrup district after reportedly feeding on pesticide-laced cattle carcass. Death of vultures in...