Cops Bust Fake Currency Racket In Baksa, 2 Held



Baksa, June 19, 2019

The Baksa police have successfully busted a major fake currency racket and arrested two persons for circulating and trading Fake Indian Currency Notes(FICN) in the town on June 19th, 2019(Wednesday).

Royal Global University

The modus operandi of the accused duo Anar Ali and Rekib Ali was that every day they would travel from Rangiya area to Barama to purchase goods from different shops bought the items in exchange of the counterfeit notes conning the common man.

The incident, however, came to the limelight at a fish market after one of the vendors spotted a counterfeit note of Rs 500 denomination given by Anar Ali in exchange of the purchased goods and immediately intimated the local police hinting his suspicious moves.

Meanwhile, an irked mob raged with the illegal activities dragged Ali out of the market, tied him to an electric pole and brutally thrashed him. A police team reached the spot and calmed the situation and took custody of the duo.

They later admitted of trading fake currency notes for quite a long time.