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Friday, August 14, 2020
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    COVID-19 Crisis And Lessons For Health, Life

    For how many of us healthcare was an important matter before the Covid-19 outbreak? Did we feel the necessity of frequent hand washing? Was there any value of face masks or hand gloves for us? What was the importance of hand sanitizer before this outbreak? Did we ever think about social distancing and preventing unnecessary gathering? We did not, because we never took life as seriously as like we are now.

    After the outbreak and knowing about the painful effects of the virus so-called ‘Corona’, we understood the value of healthcare, disease prevention and life. Still, there are plenty of people around us who do not feel the necessity of following the preventive measures from this life-threatening virus and frequently violating the safety rules.

    Well, there are many also for whom the safety measures are just a formality to be performed for the meantime. But now it is time for all of us to learn and gain some knowledge from the present to live a secured future.

    Who is responsible for our health and life? No one other but we ourselves. Healthcare is the most expensive product that we may need to buy but if we follow the safety rules, we can escape from this expense. It is easy to fall sick. Most of the time we do get infected to fall sick due to our own negligence towards our health. Any treatment in responding to any sickness brings multiple problems to us. If we ask someone about the common problem that a sick person does faces, he or she will say the financial issue.

    But the financial issue is not everything. After falling sick the patient suffers from many pains and harmful conditions. Apart from the physical sufferings, it brings nervous breakdown too. The patients suffer mentally and psychologically too. Not only the patient, but it also harms and effects the well-wisher of the patient as well. That is why it is said that ‘Prevention is Better than Cure’. We cannot blame anyone other for our poor health. We must take healthcare seriously and always obey the safety rules to bring the chances of getting infected with anything.

    We should consider ourselves to be fortunate because we had not faced the situation like the United States and Italy where many people had lost their lives to the virus. We must be thankful to our Governments, both state and central for taking necessary actions on time due to which we could save many precious lives. Government is doing its best to monitor the infected individuals and to treat them to heal.

    Our duty is to cooperate with the Government to eliminate the virus forever. In a country like India which densely populated, if the virus gets intruded it will claim numbers of lives, much more than any other country in the world. It will become impossible to control. Our safety is in our hand; therefore we must forward our support to the Government not only to save ourselves from the clutches “Coronavirus” but for the wellness of others too.

    Covid-19 or Coronavirus is not only a single virus of which a person gets infected. There are many other infection-causing microorganisms in the environment. As like the Covid-19 transmits, the other harmful viruses and bacterias do also transmit from one person to another through various means. Harmful viruses did exist in the environment since before the Covid-19 outbreak and who knows, we might need to experience new harmful viruses in future also. So following the preventive measures we do not only keep ourselves safe from Covid-19 but also from other infection-causing microorganisms. Apart from Covid-19, there are many other infections that can be life-threatening that is why we must continue with the habit of taking precautions.

    We violate the safety guidelines which may put our lives into risk but whenever we violate this it not only put our personal lives into risks but we put the lives of many others who are associated with into danger. No one has the right to play with other’s life. That is why our Government has become strict to control the violators. The forces were deployed on the streets for this reason otherwise things are not taken seriously by many.

    This the peak time to understand this otherwise the situation will become uncontrolled and the virus will spread in speed that no one will be able to control it. Maybe at the meantime, Covid-19 is considered as the most dangerous viruses of all but before this outbreak or even during this outbreak many other infections has claimed many lives due to our own faults for example tuberculosis, typhoid, gastroenteritis, tetanus etc. There is no doubt that we were not much conscious of serious life challenging infections previously but today we are and the culture of staying safe that we have adopted today should be continued in future also.

    There are many infections that is transmitted from one person to another while shaking hands or hugging. Many other infections can be transmitted from individual to individual in swimming pool, gym or mall. Places of public gathering like hospitals are the stock houses of multiple infections. Sneezing of someone’s face may transmit some infection to others. Spitting on the streets or public places also enhances the risks of transmitting infections.

    While talking to someone from a close distance may also transmit some infections through the nasal or oral route or eyes. We were either unknown of this concept earlier or we did not pay much attention towards this but now it is time to learn from this current Covid-19 Pandemic. We must know the importance of maintaining social distance, using of face masks and hand gloves, maintain cleanliness and hygiene like taking bath and washing hands properly after any contact with anyone, using hand rub or sanitizer not only to prevent the Covid-19 but any other such infections that exist in the environment.

    Healthcare is always an intangible product for many of us. We hardly to think about investing for healthcare. It is not only money that we only need to invest to live a secured life. There are many more things to be invested to live a healthy life. The most important is not to hesitate or neglect to know and learn about the diseases, infections, its signs and symptoms, preventive measures, treatment, medications etc. One must not feel lazy to follow and maintain the safety rules and preventive measure. One must be cooperative to others who try to spread and share the safety and preventive guidelines regarding any infections.

    An outbreak can be controlled through proper screening and when someone feels any signs or symptoms of any disease of infection, he or she must have proper consultation and medical checkup for the benefit of all. Yes, managing healthcare is a tough task and when it is an public health issue it is very difficult to make people come forward to get a screening. By most of us, things are kept hidden even through the signs and symptoms of some infections are noted.

    Screening does not mean to be tortured so one should not feel scared from undergoing it. It helps to treat a disease if there is any at an initial stage before it turns complicated or spreading to other. The Covid-19 outbreak has made us learn the importance of health and life and we have learned that when a disease strikes, it does not discriminate. We must encourage ourselves to learn more so that we can make others also to learn and gain knowledge. Now it is in our hands to utilize our knowledge properly in a proper place to control and reduces the incidents of Covid-19 and many other such infections now and in future.

    The author is a Chief Operating Officer, North East Cancer Hospital and Research Institute, Jorabat, Guwahati. The author can be reached at gitartharoymedhi83@rediffmail.com and 97065- 69388.

    The views expressed by the author are personal and may not in any way represent those of TIME8.

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