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Friday, July 30, 2021

    COVID 19: Impact On Community, Economy, Business And Institutions

    During the ongoing lockdown, we can clearly see its impacts on every field. We are following the same whatever the rest of the world is following. Almost every nation on the globe is currently under lockdown. Almost every country is the victim of novel coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic as like us.

    The lockdown is for the safety of the people of our country from the life challenging virus called COVID 19. It is a preventive measure to discourage the transmission of this virus that has intruded into our country from one individual to another.

    In our country, the lockdown has been imposed on time due to which we could have controlled the transmission of the virus successfully. Every Government who has imposed the law of lockdown, self-quarantine and isolation is to stop the transmission of COVID-19 virus that can spread from human to human.

    The concept being lockdown theory is to maintain social distancing, avoid unnecessary gathering and minimise person to person contact that can enhance the spread of the virus. If the virus gets the chance to the spread in the community, it will claim numbers of innocent lives and will be a threat to control. Therefore lockdown is a must. But we can clearly see the impact of this lockdown on various sectors too.

    Due to this ongoing lockdown what has been harmed the most? The economy of the country as well as of the world. Yes, the businesses are affected the most. The travel and tourism industry is the greatest sufferer. The flights have been grounded, the railway services have been suspended and the public transport system on road has been closed. The life of farmers, daily wage labourers, small business owners, door to door vendors, auto drivers, rickshaw pullers, restaurant owners, owners street food corners, gym owners etc has been affected negatively as they have lost their source of earning.

    Along with them, the life of all their employees has been affected too. Works in many industries and factories have also suffered leading to a crisis in production. The import and export business has been suffered too which has led to a crisis in many essential commodities in the market. Many could not fulfill their basic needs and feed the family, therefore are starving.

    Many patients with various diseases have also faced difficulties in continuing treatment, visiting hospitals for check-ups and going to doctors for follow up. Life of students in different institutions is also suffering a lot. When the lock-up will be over and the life will return to normalcy, they will face extra stress to complete their syllabus in a short time. School kids are losing the habit of regular studies and extracurricular activities without the guidance of their teachers. Online classes cannot be much effective than in school classes.

    When the schools will reopen, the small children will hesitate to go to schools after staying for such a long time at home. People are getting unfit due to lack of physical activities. Most are getting lazy due to lack of physical works. To avoid gathering, no one is allowed to run, jog, walk or play on streets or parks. Under the lockdown, people are trying to keep themselves busy with something they love to do but still, a long term lockdown will make their brains to develop negative thoughts. Overall people from every sector have been harmed and the loss in the economy will take much time to recover.

    But the lockdown is mandatory for the benefit of everyone’s health. It is a required activity for the safety of all. It is time to learn something from this lockdown now. Why lockdown has been increased? It happened due to our faults. The Government of our State is trying it’s best for our safety but its few of us who often violates the safety rule. Many of us do not follow the preventive measures. It’s due to some of us who had not taken the COVID 19 threat seriously and got infected and made others also to get infected.

    As long as the incidents in occurrences of COVID 19 infection is not controlled, the lockdown cannot be called off. So it is in our hands to make the ongoing lockdown to be lifted by cooperating well. The safety practises that the government and healthcare agencies are asking to follow should be followed as a culture and this culture should be followed in future too.

    We must encourage ourselves and also others to go for screening for any signs or symptoms of COVID 19 infection. Only by following the safety guidelines, we can bring the end to this lockdown and life will be back to normalcy. All the economic losses will be recovered and the crisis will be ended.

    The author is a Chief Operating Officer, North East Cancer Hospital and Research Institute, Jorabat, Guwahati. The author can be reached at [email protected] and 97065- 69388.

    The views expressed by the author are personal and may not in any way represent those of TIME8.

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