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COVID 19, Unlock & the Onus

Guwahati city

Now that the unlock phase is on and the city has almost become normal like earlier during the daytime, the need for strict implementation of the COVID 19 protocols in public has become more important. However, sadly what can be a common sight in the city is the open violation of these norms. Social distancing, wearing masks, and maintaining social hygiene outdoors have been rampantly violated. More shocking then these are that the authority and agencies concerned to implement these norms strictly in the society has been also keeping a blind eye.

While it’s highly important to reopen the trade for revenue and the overall health of the system, the onus of safety has been now left mostly on each individual here. The state government though has been talking mostly about the increase of testing, the curve in the state and the city also continues to rise. Thanks to the low mortality rate in the state that it has somehow helped the public to shred the unwanted fear of the disease.

It’s understandable that the reopening of the trade, supply and livelihood is needed. But the enforcement of the necessary protocols should also be the focus. Unless these protocols are strictly followed or maintained as well as enforced, the state will take more time to recover from the situation.

As experts have feared that there is a possible sharp hike of COVID 19 cases in the next month, the state machinery should better be prepared. Though the state has been repeatedly saying that it will follow the Centre’s guidelines, the need is also to look into certain alternates and make state friendly guidelines. Because the COVID 19 situation varies from state to state and a uniform set of guidelines may not work.