Darrang boy builds e-bike to battle fuel price hike


Riki Das

Dalgaon, October 11: The hike in fuel prices did not stop this man from living his dream of owning a motorbike as he has come up with a unique idea of a bicycle that runs on batteries.

Mujjamil Hauque a resident of Jangalpara village in Darrang came up the idea of a cycle that runs on battery after hearing about the hike on fuel prices because he wanted to own a motorbike for days.

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He has built the cycle at a cost of Rs 8000. The cycle has two 12 volts batteries and a 24 volts motor. It also has a 250 watt motor. Once the cycle is charged, it can give a mileage of 35 km.

The bicycle is a replica of a motorbike as it has horns, two gears and a headlight.

Speaking about his bike, Mujjamil said, “I wanted to buy a motorbike but due to the hike in fuel prices I couldn’t buy it because I don’t have enough money. Instead, I built this cycle which can be used as a motorbike because it has batteries to run,”

“People have come to me and said that they will buy this new battery run cycle as they are having a hard time in maintaining a motorbike”, he added.