Debolal Gorlosa shot dead former NCHAC member’s PSO, MACs: Ex-DHD-J cadre

File Photo of Chief Executive Member of NC Hills Autonomous Council

Guwahati/Haflong, August 10: Former Dima Halam Daogah-J (DHD-J) leader and present Chief Executive Member of NC Hills Autonomous Council (NCHAC), Debolal Gorlosa had killed the PSO of Prafulla Phonglo, former NCHAC Member of Autonomous Council (MAC). This was stated by the former cadre of the DHD-J faction, Miput Raijung (33) alias Action Dimasa alias David Kemprai at the District & Sessions Judge Court, Dima Hasao, Karbi Anglong.

As per the oath copy of the Raijung, who is also an accused in the case, “on April 27, 2007, at around 11:30 am, Prafulla Phonglo (Ex-NCHAC MAC) accompanied by PSO in a Tata Sumo at village Gera under Dima Hasao with hard cash amounting to Rs 50 lakh. The said amount was handed to Debolal Garlosa alias Daniel Dimasa at the said village then commander DHD(J), in-charge of Umrangso zone. Thereafter the sid Debolal Garlosa had killed the PSO of Prafulla Phonglo (Ex-NCHAC MAC) as said PSO was reluctant to hand over his service arms to us (sic)”.

Phonglo had gone to handover the collected money of Rs 50 lakh to DHD(J) extremists as demanded from NCHAC. A copy of the oath is available with TIME8.

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He added, “Thereafter Debolal Garlosa alias Daniel Dimasa had taken away the gun from the possession of the said PSO. The said gun was 9mm carbine. I was present with Debolal Garlosa alias Daniel Dimasa at the relevant point of time. I was a cadre under direct control of Commander Debolal Garlosa alias Daniel Dimasa. I had the knowledge that we had gone to the village Gera in order to receive the said amount of Rs 50 lakhs from Prafulla Phonglo (Ex-NCHAC MAC). We had used the vehicle by Prafulla Phonglo (Ex-NCHAC MAC) to carry the money to us upto a distance of 1 km. After reaching a distance of 1 km from the point where had received the money from Prafulla Phonglo (Ex-NCHAC MAC) we fired at by Majo, Andy and Gala. These three persons were the regular cadre of the DHD(J) (sic).”

Raijung further said that two Council Members of the NCHAC, Purnendu Langthasa and Nindu Langthasa were killed at the “instance of Debolal Garlosa”.

“Nindu was killed by Debolal and Purnendu was killed by Gelamla on the instruction of Debolal. On June 4, 2007, both were killed at Langlai Hasnu, Dihangi Police Station,” stated Raijung in the oath copy.

Raijung said that Purnendu and Nindu were killed as they “failed to meet the demand of Rs 2 crore by Debolal Gorlosa”, however, they “gave Rs 50 lakh”, which were taken by “Debolal Gorlosa himself and left the spot after the armed operation”.

A resident of Miyungpur, Dima Hasao, Raijung mentioned that he became the member of the outfit in 2006 and the primary objective of the outfit was the constitution of a separate Dimasa state, Dimaraji.