Delhi Based Men’s Lifestyle Portal slammed over video on North East cuisine

Guwahati, July 9: A ‘lifestyle website for Indian men’ has come under fire for uploading a video recently in which a few elderly men are seen discussing North-Eastern cuisine.

The elderly men can be seen trying out local delicacies like ‘Eromba’ and ‘Fermented Beans’ (which they refer to as Rajma) while constantly commenting on the food saying things like ‘yeh khaane layak hi nahin hai’ which translates into ‘this is not edible’. They are furthur seen discussing how oily the cuisine is.

Two of the of the elderly ‘actors’ in the video can also be seen repeating that what they just tasted is ‘grass’, and one of them wonders aloud if people in the North East eat grass.

“If this was their attempt to be funny, they should know that their sense of humour is pathetic,” says Monideepa Das, an Assamese based in Bangalore.

The video also has a few moments where these elderly gentlemen are seen discussing their lack of knowledge about the Northeast, admitting that they don’t know the name of Nagaland’s Capital City.

Watch Video here:

Khamseng Tai Borgohain, a student based in Shillong said,” You know what’s nice about this video? People all over India being done with these uncles in the comments section. I opened the comments section expecting enraged North Eastern people but people really love the food it seems!”

The video has been shared multiple times with Social Media users from the region as well as outside slamming the portal for uploading it.